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Heart of Worship Co., LLC offers bible resources and faith-based inspirational clothing, mugs, books, planners, bible study guides, journals, music and more.  The Heart of Worship Co. brand seeks to connect people to the Heart of God, bring the unbeliever into the knowledge of Christ and encourage the believer through all of our products.

Sometimes we walk silent and rest in the presence of others without conversing or even saying hello.  Many of the people we come in contact with have not yet experienced a connection with Christ or the joy and power that comes from knowing Jesus and trusting Him with real Faith. 

I see this as your chance and my chance to witness without speaking a word. You can share the message of Christ and Faith just by wearing or utilizing the Heart of Worship Co. brand. 

So, the next time you decide to go shopping, take in a sporting event or go out to dinner, use that opportunity to evangelize to others by wearing your purchase.  It may just be that next step someone needs to becoming a believer in Christ or just pressing forward during a rough time.

Connecting People to God's Heart!


Rayna Brown is a worship warrior, author, songwriter, worship coach and consultant, vocal coach, and speaker born and raised in Long Island, New York and now currently resides in Flowery Branch, Georgia.   Rayna’s mission is to “Connect People to the Heart of God” through bible resources, faith-based apparel, mugs, books, planners, bible study guides, journals, music and more. 

Rayna helps Worship Leaders grow practically and spiritually to lead worship and their teams with confidence and authority.


Take a moment to connect with God! "Heart of Worship" Video by Rayna Brown

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